taekwon-do isn’t just for kids!

Adults Taekwon-Do Classes at Van Roon Martial Arts are the perfect way to enhance your physical and mental well-being. As well as a great way to develop a strong, healthy body, Taekwon-Do is an ideal vehicle to enhance your self-confidence, focus and self-esteem.

Our expert team will support you with a range of fun, safe exercises to build your foundations at your own pace.  At Van Roon Martial Arts you'll learn fundamental self-defence principles as well as working your way toward blackbelt in a community of positive, supportive people!

At Van Roon Martial Arts we are proud to be affiliated to ‘International Taekwon-Do’ New Zealand, which as an organisation unites over 100 clubs throughout the country and connects us to a dynamic International scene, including World Championship events, seminars and more.

Finally, we offer both ITF and WT (Olympic Taekwon-Do) style training options and pathways to compete in both of these disciplines.