Get fighting fit with our kickboxing classes at van Roon martial arts!

Kickboxing classes at Van Roon Martial Arts are the perfect way to build your fitness, develop self-defence skills and if desired, build the skills to compete in the sport of kickboxing. Classes are safe and fun, revolving around non-contact training drills until team members are experienced enough to begin sparring.

As an affiliate of the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO), Van Roon Martial Arts also offers an Internationally recognised grading program and the chance to be part of the world's oldest and largest Kickboxing organisation with over 110 member nations; making it a truly global organisation.

As part of WAKO NZ, Van Roon Martial Arts members have the opportunity to enter and compete in any WAKO sanctioned tournament, compete for WAKO Regional and National Titles (if selected) and even represent New Zealand at World Championship level (if selected).

Classes are taught by Coach Igor Kim (Former Oceania WAKO Kickboxing Champion) and Head Coach Carl van Roon (Former Captain of the New Zealand WAKO Kickboxing World Championship Team).